A T M S Advanced Technologies For Medicine and Signals

A T M S مخبر البحث في التكنولوجيات المتقدمة في الإشارة و الطب

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o Speech recognition

o Speech analysisand synthesis

o Audio and acoustic signal processing

o Machine learning for speech processing

o Spoken language processing

o Coding and transmission

o Indexing and retrieval,

o Authentication and watermarking

o Filtering, restoration and enhancement

o Implementation for image/signal processing

o Satellite Image processing

o Multiresolution fusion: PanSharpening

o Radar data modeling, inversion and assimilation

o Optical data modeling, inversion and assimilation

o Thermal infrared and land surface modeling

o Satelite Image processing

o General modeling in signal

o General modeling in image

o 2D & 3D images and models

o Pattern recognition

o Facial recognition and application

o Biometrics and application

o Animal biometrics

o General Medical Image Computing

o Computer Assisted Interventional Systems and Robotics

o General Biological Image Computing

o Neuroscience Image Computing

o Computer aided diagnosis CAD

o Innovative Clinical / Biological Applications and Surgical Procedures

o Functional medical imaging & Hybrid imaging

o Evidence theory and TBM

o Management of conflicts between sources

o Fusion of dependant sources

o Application for image data fusion

o Cognitive Radio

o Cooperative systems

o Resource allocation

o MIMO systems and space-time coding

o Single-carrier, multi-carrier, and multi-rate systems

o Multiple access and broadcast channels, multi-user receivers

o Fundamental limits on capacity and performance analysis

o Cross-layer issues

o Signal processing tools for ad-hoc, multi-hop, and sensor networks

o Cryptography & Cryptanalysis,

o Intellectual property protection, Privacy protection, Authentication &Integrity

o Secure steganography

o Steganalysis

o Security metrics and Performance evaluation