A T M S Advanced Technologies For Medicine and Signals

A T M S مخبر البحث في التكنولوجيات المتقدمة في الإشارة و الطب

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o Speech processing and recognition

o Audio and acoustic signal processing

o Source separation

o Audio watermarking

o Sensor array and multichannel signal processing

o Detection/estimation

o Signal processing for big data

o Object recognition

o Shape, Illumination, Shading and Texture

o Data-Driven Geometry, Lighting and Materials

o Surface representations

o 3D reconstruction

o 3D face analysis an facial rigging

o 3D navigation and interfaces

o 3D imaging, visualization, animation, virtual reality and 3DTV

o Multimedia indexing, search, retrieval and browsing on the Web

o Multimedia content analysis and understanding

o Advanced descriptors and similarity metrics for Multimedia

o Multimedia summarizing and visualization

o Feature extraction and selection

o Classification and clustering

o Image/video enhancement and segmentation

o Color, texture and motion analysis

o Image/video compression, coding and watermarking

o Tracking and real-tim imaging

o Pattern recognition

o Machine learning

  • Embedded systems and applications

o Software and Hardware Architectures for Embedded Systems

o Systems on Chip (SoCs) and Multicore Systems

o Communications, Networking and Connectivity

o Internet of Things

o Sensors and Sensor Networks

o Mobile and Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing

o Distributed Embedded Computing

o Real-Time Systems

o Adaptive Systems

o Reconfigurable Systems

o Design Methodology and Tools

o Application Analysis and Parallelization

o System Architecture Synthesis

o Multi-objective Optimization

o Low-power Design and Energy Management

o Hardware/Software Simulation

o Rapid prototyping

o Testing and Benchmarking

o Micro and Nano Technology

o Organic/Flexible/Printed Electronics


o VLSI Design and Implementation

o Microcontroller and FPGA Implementation

o Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems

o Cloud Computing in Embedded System Development

o Digital Filter Design

o Industrial, Bio-Medical, Automotive and Avionic Systems

o Digital Signal Processing and Applications

o Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing

o Embedded Systems in Multimedia and Communications

o Consumer Electronics

o Wearable and Mobile Healthcare, Well-being and Security

o Emergency and Disaster Management

o Identification and Supervision Systems

o Embedded Robotics, Instrumentation and Measurement

o Embedded Control Systems

o Embedded Control Systems

o Robotics

  • Remote sensing and assimilation

o Satellite Image processing

o Multiresolution fusion: PanSharpening

o Radar data modeling, inversion and assimilation

o Optical data modeling, inversion and assimilation

o Thermal infrared and land surface modeling

o Satelite Image processing

  • Medical image and applications:

o Computer Assisted Interventional Systems and Robotics

o General Medical Image Computing

o General Biological Image Computing

o Neuroscience Image Computing

o Computer aided diagnosis CAD

o Innovative Clinical / Biological Applications and Surgical Procedures

o Functional medical imaging & Hybrid imaging

o Neural networks

o Fuzzy sets

o Bio-inspired methods

o Metaheuristics optimization

o Genetic algorithms

o Neuro-inspired computing

o Evolutionary algorithms

o Machine, deep and manifold learning

o Time series analysis

o Computational intelligence

o Decision support systems

o Data mining and visualization

o Mobile technology for biomedical applications

o Big data analytics for biomedical imaging

o Biomedical image processing and analysis

o Biomedical image registration

o Brain-computer interface application

o Augmented reality

o Retrieval and indexing

o Compressive sensing